Juan Walker Daintree River

Juan Walker, Daintree River

I had a great morning exploring the Daintree River with Dan Irby (Mangrove Adventures) and Juan Walker our Kuku Yalanji guide, who is the owner of Walkabout Cultural Adventures. The Daintree is just magic especially in the afternoon light.  Within an hour of getting on the water we had seen crocodiles, sea eagles, quite a few king fishers and a python. The river is so relaxing and listening to Juan talking about how he fishes out here under a full moon painted a beautiful picture.

Crocodile Daintree River

Crocodile, Daintree River

I just love being out on tour with Juan as he is extremely knowledgeable and professional, yet has a really warm and engaging personality – with a good dose of humour always thrown in.  As this is his tribal lands he was able to take us where other people don’t get to go…and each time I come here, I see new and amazing places and get to learn something new.  Today he was telling us that his totem is the crocodile – so he looks after the crocodile and the crocodile looks after him – that is good to know … especially around here!

Daintree Eco Lodge

Daintree Eco Lodge

Afterwards Juan took us to Daintree Eco Lodge which looked like it could have been a film set for the movie ‘Avatar’!  It has the coolest looking cabins up on stilts nestled amongst the rainforest canopy surrounded by 30 acres of ancient rainforest. We walked through the surrounding rainforest and spotted some beautiful green lizards, butterflies and I took the chance to sample the rainforest bush fruits. I then walked on to look at a beautiful waterfall, which Juan had told me was a woman’s place. Back at the lodge we enjoyed a nice cold Binju Tea, which included one of my  favourite bush fruits, the Davidson’s plum – yum!

For more info, check out the following websites: www.walkaboutadventures.com.au and www.daintree-ecolodge.com.au