Brian Dreamtime Flower Bird

Dreamtime Flower Bird

Brian from Kooljaman told me that today, amongst other things, we were going to rip a birds head off. He was laughing as he said it, so I presumed he wasn’t been literal. Fortunately what he was referring to was a story about how a greedy bird came to be the flower of a bush.

The Dreamtime story went:

“A little bird used to wake up early in the morning and drink all the nectar of the flowers. By the time his family got up there wasn’t any nectar because the little bird had taken it all. One day the old man of the tribe told the little bird that he had to stop taking all of the nectar, and that if he continued to do this he would get punished. So the little bird said that he wouldn’t do it again, but the next morning he just couldn’t help himself. However when he went to fly out from the last flower he got stuck, so he thought he’d wait until his family got up to rescue him. He waited and waited and as the skies brightened he could hear his brothers and sisters waking up laughing and talking in the distance. As they got closer they got louder and then they found him. They tried to pull him out but couldn’t and so they waited for the old man to come along to see if he had some magic to get him out. Eventually the old man turned up but he refused to pull the little bird out as he’d told him that if he continued to be greedy he was going to get punished, and that this was his punishment. To be stuck in this flower forever and this is where he is today. And so the moral of the story is not to be greedy, and always save something for others.”

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