140807-sand-dune-adventures-08Quad biking is so much fun – it is pure exhilaration, and the guys at Sand Dune Adventures took great care of us. We were surrounded by massive, breathtaking white sand dunes, framed by a perfect blue sky and the beautiful ocean. It was like being in the Sahara, yet Sydney is just two hours down the road.

I got to the top of this huge dune, with a steep drop off, and for a second my fear of heights kicked in. But with some gentle encouragement my guide told me to keep my wheels straight and add some revs if I felt the bike sliding, and off I went screaming “seize the day”! Wahoo, that was the best adrenaline rush I’ve had in ages.

After that, our Worimi guides showed us ancient middens, where to find fresh water and then told us a cool Dreamtime story about the turtle (captured in the video below). When the ride ended I just wanted to go back for more.

Check out Sand Dune Adventures website at:  www.sandduneadventures.com.

Next I’m off to Cairns to explore the rainforest, stay tuned for this next adventure … Kristi!

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