I’m staying at Castaways at Mission Beach, which has the most glorious views of the palm fringed beach. I just love Mission Beach, which is a very small and laid back coastal town.

Caroline and Doug

Caroline and Doug from Ingan Tours

It is from here that I get to do one of my favourite things… that is kayaking on the pristine, palm fringed waters of the secluded Bulgan River with the fabulously fun crew from Ingan Tours; Sonya, Doug and sweet Caroline.

Whenever I come to Tully it seems to be raining but that’s not surprising as Tully is the wettest town in Australia. But the temperature is balmy warm and the rain means great rapids – and I am a rapid junkie. Any novice can navigate these rapids as the very professional guides at Ingan Tours coach even the most nervous of guests how to navigate down the river. On a sunny day, the water is calm and so crystal clear that you can see the fish. Sonya attracts the fish to the surface by enticing them with her delicious damper (they now snub the usual pellets as her damper is so good). It was stunning to see the birds skim across the water and the butterflies dancing through the ferns. Sometimes I just stopped paddling to reflect and let the current take me down the river, and at other times I enjoyed the fun of the rapids and having a laugh with my guides. These waters are so rejuvenating and I felt so invigorated at the end of my kayak.

End of kayaking trip

End of kayaking trip

I learnt so much from these guys – as this is their back yard. We got to eat the native fruit along the way, hear stories about the animals and I even learnt that the Jirrabal language is gender specific. Things are either feminine, masculine, neutral or edible and the gender assigned to the feature determines whether women or men may access the site. For example, water is feminine so waterfalls are normally women’s places, which means only women are allowed there – how cool is that for me! I found out how the Cassowary is a keystone species, which means that without it, the rainforest wouldn’t survive as it’s a seed disperser. I met these two really cool Cassowary Crusaders at Mission Beach who, along with others, are trying to make sure the Cassowary’s environment is protected. Anyone can become a Cassowary Crusader by checking out their website at:www.missionbeachcassowaries.com.

Another cool thing you can do here is take a two hour relaxing walk along a creek bed to the stunning Echo Creek Falls. Again this place is very secluded and if you’re into walking, it is a must do!

Check out Ingan Tours website at: http://www.ingan.com.au

Next I’m off to Alice Springs tomorrow, stay tuned for this next adventure … Kristi!