Kristi chilling on a rock at Mossman Gorge

Mossman Gorge

Here I am sitting at the Perth Airport, waiting for my soul to catch up… it’s still floating around in the Kimberley somewhere. The First Assistant Director, Richard McGrath, played me a heartbreakingly, beautiful song by Frank Yamma called, “She Cried” and I drifted out of the airport all the way back to a much more soulful place, as I listened to the words, “life is precious, down we go, growing old…”

Music has played a significant role in this project.  The Pigram Brothers, a Broome based Aboriginal band, seemed the perfect choice to accompany many of the film clips featured here. Much of their music encapsulates the connection between country and culture, and evokes the easy going charisma and warmth of so many of the hosts and guides we worked with on this project.  I hope it helps to transport you (albeit virtually) to the warm remote beaches and chilled out communities that we visited on this shoot.

Campfire Songs at Bawaka

Campfire Songs at Bawaka

Impromptu performances and unexpected occurrences are always a highlight for me when staying in places not influenced by commercialism.  One such experience was whilst out on the Bawaka Homelands where we were serenaded by an impromptu performance of Bayini by Rrawun Maymuru who was accompanied by Djakapura Munyarryun and Aran Burrarwanga. The song was written about this beautiful part of the country.  See more here. 

Travelling with Aboriginal guides and hosts on their country always grounds me, and makes me think about what is really important in life. It reminds me of how disconnected I get with the land and how important a sense of community is…

Footprints in the sand Kooljaman

“I ache in places where I used to play…”

I’ve introduced many people to the Aboriginal way of life and I see the same thing from each time, they are transformed by their experience, just like Diane and Mark. It goes so much deeper than just experiencing the ‘attractions’ of a place – Aboriginal guides and hosts ensure a real connection to the place and a new way of seeing. I feel this again, and it is another journey which will add to the depth and breadth of experiences that help me to continue to grow. For this I will be eternally grateful.