Linc mudcrabbingNow I’m totally in Queensland mode. I’m at Cooya Beach just north of Port Douglas and am catching up with the very cruisey and fun Linc Walker from Kuku Yalanji Cultural Habitat Tours.

I kick off my thongs and after a leisurely stroll along the beach head into the mangroves with Linc who is showing me how to look for mud crabs. This involves looking for a hole in the base of a tree then ramming a spear into it in the hope of hearing a clinking sound, which indicates we are in luck for catching some lunch. I forget about time as I’m consumed by finding a mud crab and know that if I catch one I’ll do my usual freak out as I worry about losing a finger… only joking! It’s all very safe under the care of my extremely knowledgeable guide.

As I was searching for mud crabs Linc told me about the ‘Cookie Cutter Shark’, which for a second makes me think about the sweet smell of warm cookies until I learnt it got its name because it takes cookie shaped bites out of its victims. Yep, I’ll never look at Mum’s cookie cutter the same way again.


Cooya Beach

And so it begins, I start to learn about all things to do with the sea and how to live off this abundant environment. It’s a far cry from the hectic pace of inner Sydney.

Afterwards, Linc normally takes guests back to his Mum’s house for a fabulous feed on their deck that overlooks the beach. Their Chilli crab is to die for!

Check out their website at: or The Bama Way – Aboriginal Journeys (Adventure North) website at:

Next I’m off to cruise the waterways of the Daintree River, stay tuned for this next adventure … Kristi!