Mossman Lizard

Boyd Forest Dragon, Mossman Gorge

After the adrenalin rush of quad biking on massive stark white sand dunes, I now find myself standing in awe at a totally different kind of scenery – and that is the lush green tropical rainforest, listening to the gentle sounds of Mossman Gorge. Yep, I’m starting to feel very zen as I walk through the oldest, continuously surviving rainforest on earth, which is home to the Kuku Yalanji people. And better still, my guide Rodney from the Mossman Gorge Centre is bringing it all to life for me. After welcoming us with a traditional smoking ceremony that cleanses and wards off the bad spirits, Rodney explains how in the Dreamtime most of the animals in Australia were once people who broke tribal law and were subsequently banished. For example, the spectacular Boyd Forest Dragon was once a man that enjoyed flashing people so the ancestors turned him into a lizard. The Cassowary was once a beautiful woman who refused to get married to a young man so the Elders cursed her and made her a bird – though it all worked out for her in the end as she now has up to five husbands.

Kristi chilling on a rock at Mossman Gorge

Kristi chilling on a rock at Mossman Gorge

We then walked down to the gorge where I was mesmerised by the soothing sound of the water and the intense clarity of its depths. And what do I do next? What any strung out person should do… and that’s go and sit on a boulder, shut my eyes and drift off…

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Next I’m off to go mud crabbing, stay tuned for this next adventure … Kristi!