It’s been great fun travelling with Warwick and Brendan who have squeezed as much as they possibly can into every hour of daylight as I suggest places and activities for them to include in our upcoming filming! So far the film ‘recce’ (abbreviated industry jargon for ‘reconnaissance’) has included:

  • Sydney (The Rocks and Botanical Gardens)
  • Queensland (Cooya Beach, Mossman Gorge, Daintree River, the Wildlife Habitat in Port Douglas,
    Mission Beach and Tully)
  • Alice Springs (Mt Sonder, Glen Helen, Alice Springs Desert Park, Tjanpi Desert Weavers and Papunya Tula Artists)
  • Uluru (Maruku Arts and time with guides from Uluru Aboriginal Tours exploring the base of Uluru)

We have managed to get the car bogged and have spotted beautiful green tree pythons, crocodiles, cassowaries, dingos, eagles, kangaroos and even seen a beautiful stalk nesting. Not to mention some pretty stunning sunrises and sunsets – the magic hour for stills photography and film shooting.

Next we are off to Mt Borradaile in Arnhemland, stay tuned for this next adventure … Kristi!

Here’s some behind the scenes images of the team at work.

Warwick Car Uluru