Chilli Crabs Lombadina

Chilli Crabs, Lombadina

I’m staying at the wonderfully friendly community of Lombadina, an untouched coastal paradise just north of Broome in Western Australia. It’s the perfect place to lose track of the time. I love being here and immersing myself in the easy going way of life of the ‘Salt Water People’. During the afternoon we took a stroll down to the beach, which looks like it should be the setting for the next Corona ad, with its stark white sandy beach that meets the vivid and clear turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean… it even comes with its own open sided beach shelter from which to enjoy the view.

Eating crabs at Lombadina

Eating Mud Crabs at Lombadina

In the evening Rob cooked up a pile of giant mud crabs that they’d caught during the day with his own special chilli sauce. Yummmmmm. A group of the community kids joined us for our crab feast and I watched Rob’s daughter pull off a crab leg, which was almost the size of her head! Of course my phone camera’s memory turned out to be full… after I thought I had recorded it – doh!

I found myself reminiscing on the last time I went mud crabbing with Rob when I got stuck waist deep in mud as we were walking through the mangroves.  We were told later that when Rob was trying to leverage me out of the mud, our laughter could be heard for miles.  Who needs to visit a day spa for a mud wrap when you can get a full body mud bath for free in the wild…  My skin never felt better!

It was during that trip that Rob took us out on a boat to explore the Buccaneer Archipelago… that was an unforgettable trip. A friend of Rob’s knew the reef system well and guided us up to his houseboat, where we slept on the roof in swags. At night the falling stars were like fireworks and I could hear constant splashing and jumping (of goodness knows what) in the water around us. During the day we climbed up rocky outcrops to bathe in fresh water pools, tried our hand at fishing and cooled off in an old water tank on a deserted island that had been roughly converted into a pool bar overlooking the bay below. We then took the boat through the Horizontal Waterfall (created by massive tidal movements) which left me awestruck at the power of nature and the rawness of this remote land and sea scape.

Even a novice can catch fish like this!

Even a novice can catch fish like this!

As someone who has never had the slightest inclination to go fishing, I am surprised at how much fun I have had when getting out on the water in Arnhemland and the Kimberley. After some expert instruction on the use of a handline, I felt a tug and with much finesse (not), I started reeling my line in, almost loosing my finger in the process. I ended up flat on my back with everyone in the boat laughing at me saying, “you’ve just snagged a bit of reef”. Then much to everyone’s astonishment I flung a beautiful, large red fish into the boat. That day we filled the esky with Snapper and enjoyed them in a tasty laksa for tea. I was hooked (excuse the pun) and now even if I don’t catch anything, I love getting out on the boat and looking out over the spectacular scenery and it’s so therapeutic just trying and waiting.

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Next I’m off to go whale watching and fishing, stay tuned for this next adventure … Kristi!

Lombadina Beach